Happy Purim Wishes

200+ Happy Purim Wishes 2023 Quotes & Images

Purim Wishes is a Jewish holiday which commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, an official of the Achaemenid Empire who was planning to have all of Persia’s Jewish subjects killed, as recounted in the Book of Esther (usually dated to the 5th century BCE).

Happy Purim Wishes

Happy Purim to all. Thanks for coming along on this joyous day and singing prayers to our marvelous heroes.

Let us never forget about Esther and always sing her glory on this occasion of Purim. Happiest Purim to you.

To everyone celebrating Purim, let us promote Esther’s bravery and let the world know her sacrifice. Have a blessed one.

Be connected to your root and your history. Always feel grateful to have such a glorious event like Purim. Happy Purim to you.

Happy Purim Wishes

Never forget to be proud of your culture and history. Happy Purim!

Hope you will enjoy your Hamantaschen to the fullest! Happy Purim, dear.

Happy Purim Wishes
Let us celebrate the rescue of Jews and respect all the hardship they had to go through. Happy Purim everyone.

May throughout the year we wear the mask- to get us saved from all harms. Happy Purim, all.

On this auspicious occasion of Purim, let us say prayers for Mordecai. Happy Purim, everyone.

Happy Purim to all Jewish brothers. Be proud of your history and remember on this day.

Celebrate the rescue of the Jews on this festival of Purim. Happy Purim to all.

Celebrate this festival of Purim with sweets, cookies, bagels, wine, nuts and fruits. Happy Purim.

Let us remember Esther and her bravery on this auspicious of Purim. Happy Purim to all.

Let us celebrate this Purim by listening to Esther’s story and praising her bravery. Happy Purim to all
Let us uncover our mask and reveal the goodness in ourselves on this day by helping the poor. Happy Purim to all.

Purim Messages

Happy Purim to all—have a wonderful day of celebration!

I hope you enjoy many Hamantaschen on this Purim.

Celebrate Purim this year by remembering Esther’s bravery.

Share your inner joy with the world this Purim.

Let’s celebrate Purim together this year!

May Purim 2022 bring joy into your life.

Happy Purim Wishes

Honor the resilience of our Jewish community this Purim!

I wish you peace and prosperity on Purim.

May Purim be a ray of hope for you this year!

Let us honor the bravery of the Jews and their good hearts this Purim.

Have a blessed Purim!

The arrival of Purim symbolizes a day of positive change in our lives.

Help those in need this Purim and honor our Jewish history.

Spreading love and light your way this Purim.

Purim is a time to confront challenges and evils in your life—you will succeed!

I can’t wait to celebrate Purim with you in the festivities this year!

Triumph over fear this Purim—we should rejoice!

Wishing blessings on all the Jews on this joyous day—let’s celebrate Purim!

Missing you on Purim. I can’t wait until we can celebrate together again!

Let Esther’s courage inspire our own bravery this Purim and that of our Jewish community.

Happy Purim to all! Let us celebrate the delivery of the Jews from annihilation on this beautiful day.

Cursed be Haman and blessed be Mordecai and Esther on Purim!

Charity is an important part of Purim—share your good fortune with others.

Celebrate Purim and take part in the custom of drinking wine at Purim feasts!

Purim Quotes

“Let us rejoice in the rescue of Jews while remembering the hardships they endured. Everyone has a happy Purim.”

“Stay connected to your ancestors and your history. Always be thankful for such a joyous occasion as Purim. I wish you a joyous Purim.”

“Be connected to your root and your history. Always feel grateful to have such a glorious event like Purim. Happy Purim to you.”

“Never forget to be proud of your culture and history. Happy Purim!”

“Hope you will enjoy your Hamantaschen to the fullest! Happy Purim, dear.”

“Let us celebrate Purim by promoting Esther’s bravery and making the world aware of her sacrifice. Have a wonderful day.”

“We can wear the mask all year to protect ourselves from harm. Everyone has a happy Purim.”
Happy Purim Inspiring Quotes

Happy Purim Wishes

“Let us pray for Mordecai on this auspicious occasion of Purim. Everyone has a happy Purim.

“Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated with sweets, cookies, bagels, wine, nuts, and fruits. Happy Purim!”

“Let us sing a joyful prayer for Purim and remember Esther with love and respect, dear friends. Happy Purim to you and yours!”

“Always be proud of your Jewish brothers and respect all that they have given. My dear family, I wish you a joyous Purim.”

“Oh, joyful Purim! Let us take an oath on this glorious day of Purim to never remain silent in the face of injustice.”

“Let us celebrate Purim by promoting Esther’s bravery and making the world aware of her sacrifice. Have a wonderful day.”

Purim Wishes to Friends and Family

_On this day of Purim, we must learn to endure the bad so that we live to see the good.

_Every year Purim brings with itself a new ray of hope and encouragement for the Jews.

_No matter how grave the danger is, the Jews have always faced it with a brave heart. With God on our side, none can get the better of us.

_Nothing is impossible to achieve provided you have the will power and determination to do so.

_Purim marks the day when good triumphed over evil. It gives us an important lesson that we should never compromise with evil.

_Purim is the day when you should turn your weaknesses into your strength.

Happy Purim Wishes

_On this day of Purim, we thank Esther for protecting our country. Esther’s act of courage keeps on inspiring the Jewish community to date.

_Purim is the day on which all of us should seek a positive change in our lives.

_The Jews have always led a life full of honor and prestige. Nothing can ever limit our march towards glory.

_On this day of Purim, let us reach out to the poor and the needy. Our help can transform a few lives.

_The spirit of Purim is the spirit of joy. It sends out a clear message that no one can ever destroy the Jews.

_On this day of Purim, let us take an oath that we will never bow down to any act of aggression against us.

_All of us must remember that whatever be the situation there is always a scope to make a comeback. Happy Purim.

_If you have a dream in your life then work hard to achieve it. Happy Purim.

_It is important to remain humble in life even when you have achieved the greatest success. Happy Purim.

_Never give up, keep on fighting against all the odds until you have reached your destination. Happy Purim.

_This Purim, try to spread the message of love and peace in your society.

Purim Day Greeting Messages

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?” – Esther 4:14

“In them the king granted the Jews who were in each and every city the right to assemble and to defend their lives, to destroy, to kill and to annihilate the entire army of any people or province which might attack them, including children and women, and to plunder their spoil.” – Esther 8:11

“Jews survived all the defeats, expulsions, persecutions and pogroms, the centuries in which they were regarded as a pariah people, even the Holocaust itself, because they never gave up the faith that one day they would be free to live as Jews without fear.” – Jonathan Sacks, rabbi and Jewish scholar

“For you are a people holy to the Lord your God; the Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for his own possession, out of all the peoples that are on the face of the earth.” – Deuteronomy 7:6

“In Jewish history there are no coincidences.” – Elie Wiesel

“A righteous man falls down seven times and gets up.” – Proverbs 24:16

“Who is wise? One who learns from every man… Who is strong? One who overpowers his inclinations… Who is rich? One who is satisfied with his lot… Who is honorable? One who honors his fellows.” – Ben Soma, Ethics of the Fathers 4:1

“If we bear all this suffering and if there are still Jews left, when it is over, then Jews, instead of being doomed, will be held up as an example.” ― Anne Frank

Happy Purim Wishes

“I don’t speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don’t have the power to remain silent.” – Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates Queen Esther’s rescue of the Jews from the wrath of her husband’s advisor Haman. Because Mordechai (Esther’s cousin and adopted father) refused to bow to Haman.

Haman planned to slaughter the Jews of Persia. Haman advised King Ahasuerus to slaughter all Jews, but Esther learned of the plan, revealed herself to her husband the king as Jewish, and managed to save the Jews from slaughter.

Purim commemorates Esther’s confrontation and the fact that the Jews were saved while Haman was executed. It’s a significant holiday because it turns what could have been a tragic day into a day of joy and feasting.

Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th of Adar, the Hebrew month. It is not only a historical milestone for Jews, but it is also a reason to rejoice! Purim is all about celebrating with family and giving back to others.


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